The One Year {CONTEST}!!!

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Well, it seems that October has come and gone, and my business has officially turned one. :) To celebrate, I thought a contest would be fun. And, since this celebration wouldn’t be happening without my fabulous clients, this contest is all about you. (Newborn clients, I am doing a separate contest for you all later this month- I am waiting for one more cutie pie to feature. So, don’t feel left out. I am saving all of that brand-new cuteness for just a bit later!)

So, for all the clients I photographed for child and family sessions this year, here is your chance to win a 16×20 Gallery Wrapped Canvas!!! This is a $300 value! You can choose a favorite image from a past session, or we can snap a few updated portraits during a 45-minute minisession (Odenton, Annapolis, Baltimore, or Columbia area). I’ll give you 5-10 images to choose from and I’ll even throw in the low-resolution images for ‘ya to download, so you can print as many 4×6 or 5×7 prints as you’d like. How’s that for a celebration?!?

To vote, complete the steps below:

1) “Like” Pamela Cartee Photography on Facebook here (I will check) and feel free to leave a little love on my wall! If you previously completed step 1, skip to step 2. :)

2) ¬†Subscribe to my newsletter if you haven’t already done so. :)

3) Scroll through the images below and then comment on this blog post with the image # that gets your vote.

4) Pass it on!! Tell your family and friends to vote for you! Feel free to write on your Facebook wall, write e-mails, call your friends, whatever you have to to get votes. This is all in good fun, but let’s keep it fair. Make sure you tell your family and friends to only vote once. One random commenter will win a $10 Startbucks giftcard e-mailed to them. Gingerbread latte, anyone? Commenters should leave their first and last names (or at least last initial) so that I can announce the winner.

One vote per person, please. No entries after Thursday, November 10 at 9 p.m. EST. The five families with the most number of votes will be entered into a drawing for the canvas (and minisession + low-res images). The winner will be announced on Friday, November 11!

Now, in no particular order, here’s a trip down memory lane.

#1- The O Family

#2-The S Family

#3-The V Family

#4-The K Family

#5-The H Family

#6- The R Family

#7-The P Family

#8-The K Family

#9-The S Family

#10- The W Family

#11-The G Family

#12-The W Family

#13-The T Family

#14- The B Family

#15-The C Family

#16-The B Family

#17-The S Family

#18-The L Family

Written by Pamela Cartee

Pamela Cartee


  1. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary! Beautiful work… I love all of them, but my vote is for #18, The L Family.

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary! Looking at your gallery, we thought you have been up and running for years!! You have an amazing gift and a warm spirit to compliment your talent, and we feel very lucky to have met you.

    We are still in awe every time we look at the photos of that very special evening, when we met our son for the very first time. Honestly, the other photos are all very beautiful and unique, but nothing beats those very first moments of our son’s arrival into our lives. You captured the moments of a miracle for us. So with that being said… we vote for the O family.

    • The O family all the way! Beautiful young woman surviving cancer marries amazing young man who defends our country and together they adopt an amazing little guy from Korea!

    • My vote for #1, The O Family!!

  3. Great pictures. My vote is for #18.

  4. The pic are beutiful. My vote is for #18 The L Family.

  5. I vote for the O family. the photo is perfect! it is so touching. the arrival of their new family member, dad not wanting to be too pushy. son just checking him out. and you capture that perfect moment. LOVE it!

  6. What a beautiful way to capture such a special moment. I vote for the O family!

  7. I show off the awesome pictures you’ve taken of my kids to everyone who comes in my house. #10 gets my vote!

  8. Great pics! All of them are gorgeous but I have to go with #10… the w family!

  9. I vote for #10 the W family. What an aweseome photo!

  10. I think The W family, number 10 is the best!

  11. I vote for #18 The Lugo Family, great smiles and great family.

  12. My vote goes to #18 the L family. Nice pictures.

  13. Congratulations on 1 year! I love the pictures you captured of our lil’ miss and would be lying if I said they were anything but my favorite. My vote is for the r family, #6.

  14. You do such an awesome job!! Thanks for capturing such wonderful moments of my family!!!

  15. Congratulations Pam on your 1 year anniversary ~ You take beautiful pictures and capture very special moments!

  16. #10 (The W family) is by far my favorite. It really captures the moment. Great photos!!

  17. All are wonderful! My vote is for #3.

  18. I think #3 is the best! Gorgeous children!

  19. Love photo #10! The W family.

  20. I have to say the R family is my favorite. Photo #6 is my vote!! :)

  21. Congrats on your first year. You did such an awesome job capturing our little miss. My vote is for the beautiful #6 the r family

  22. What fabulous work! I’m sure you will be doing this for years to come. I vote for #3 the V family. I usually go for group shots but the individual pictures in #3 let each personality shine.

  23. I vote for those adorable kids in#3.

  24. I like family #3!! :)

  25. Love #4, the K Family!

  26. Beautiful images. My vote is for #18 L family!

  27. #3!!!!! The V Family

  28. I vote for the L family Number 18. Beautiful!!

  29. I vote for #16, the B family!

  30. Love your work! My vote is for #17 The S Family!!

  31. Vote for #18. Nice pic…!!!

  32. absolutely the S family #17!

  33. I vote for #10 – the W family! That’s AH-dorable!

  34. My vote is for #17 – the S Family. It reminds me of the olden days . . . . family pictures of Leave it to Beaver or The Waltons . . . . everything looks so perfect . . . .from the background to the dog!

  35. Love the photos…beautiful!! I vote for #17

  36. I Vote # 17. All very good pictures, keep up the good work

  37. I vote for #17, the S family!!!!!

  38. I vote for the S family, #17. Lovely family and I love how they included the dog :)

  39. #16 (B)

  40. Voting for #17

  41. Love all the photos. I voted on facebook, but I don’t think it worked. My vote goes to…… #10!!

  42. Wonderful pictures! I vote for The O Family!!

  43. #1 ! The O Family!

  44. #1 The O Family!

  45. I vote for family #3

  46. I vote for the S family # 17

  47. Like pic #1 the “0 Family”

  48. I vote for Family o #1!!!!

  49. My vote is for Family #1-O! :)

  50. Photo no. 1!

  51. I vote for #1-the “O” family. This photo captures the meaning of “family” in a way that words could not.

  52. Photo #18 for the L Family! Love the pic =)!!

  53. #1 The O Family!

  54. # 17 S Family.

  55. Vote for #17!

  56. #1 – The O Family!

  57. #1 The O Family :)

  58. I vote for #1.

  59. All the pictures are beautiful, but Vote for #17

  60. My vote is for the S Family # 17 Great Picture

  61. #1! The O Family!

  62. My vote goes to photo #1 the O family! It’s so precious and says so much!

  63. #1 The O Family

  64. Beautiful family picture! #17 S family

  65. #1, the O family, they are such good and beautiful people.

  66. Image #1 the O family gets my vote. Their first meeting of their son. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  67. I vote for the O family! I think their picture is the best :)

  68. My vote is for #1, the O Family. Great shots all around!!

  69. I like #10, but they are all beautiful. Congratulations on your first year!

  70. My vote is for #5, the H Family! Beautiful family!!!

  71. I vote for #10!!!!

  72. I am voting for family # 17 – you captured the true meaning of “family” in this photo!!! Such a beautiful setting and great looking family!!

  73. Very beautiful pictures! My vote is for #1, The O Family!


  75. i vote the O FAMILY! :)

  76. Beautiful pictures….My vote is for #17 The S Family.

  77. Love the H-Family! My vote is for #5

  78. #1 the o family! ADORABLE

  79. I vote for those adorable boys in #5!

  80. My vote is for #17 The S Family.

  81. #1. The O Family. No offence parents, but it’s easy for children to be cute (because your children are cute), but to catch a family moment like that is too spectacular.

  82. Voting #17 …. S Family, a beautiful family inside and out :-)

  83. Voting #17…S Family. Beautiful pics!

  84. Congratulations on a successful first year. Your pictures are amazing and you have captured such precious moments and memories for these familes. My heart and vote go to #3 . . the V family – – too cute!

  85. Pamela, I’ve enjoyed looking at your photographs. My vote is for Family #1 – The O family!

  86. the S family! pure greatness1

  87. My vote is for the L family #18.

  88. Who could resist those adorable kids of the V. family #3 ?

  89. Photo #1 just makes my heart melt!!!

  90. Hey that’s my lovely cousin and her beautiful babies!! Gotta vote for the L Family #18!!!

  91. The H family is head and shoulders above the rest

  92. I think that #5, the H family are adorable

  93. I vote for the #1 family! The O Family! The mom has been an inspiration to my life. I want to be just like her and adopt my own baby one day :)

  94. My vote is for the L family #18. So cute :)

  95. #10 For the win!

  96. My vote is for the first family, the O family. Looks like an unbelievable moment captured there.

  97. #17, The S Family
    Within the lens, a moment is caught … Within the eye, the love is captured

  98. My vote is for #18!!! Love it!!

  99. I vote for picture #17, The S family!

  100. My beautiful grandaugter gets my vote! #17 The S Family!

  101. My vote is for the #1 family. She and her husband are two very strong people who have been through so much and deserve the world!

  102. I vote for #17 the S family

  103. I love family # 5, they have my vote!

  104. Your work is superb and I love all the pictures, but my vote is for #17, The S Family!

  105. Absolutely beautiful pictures. Congrats! My vote is for #1.

  106. I vote for #1 the O Family

  107. picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case screams just one “LOVE”. my vote is for the beautifully loving S-family #17!

  108. My vote is for the O family! Beautiful picture!

  109. My vote is for #17, the S family. Beautiful photograph, Pamela! :)

  110. I vote for #17 the S family!!!

  111. What great work! Vote for #3 V Family.

  112. My vote is for #17, the S family. Absolutely gorgeous:)

  113. Amazing Photos! My vote is for #1 The O Family. Captured a beautiful moment!!

  114. #1- The O Family!

  115. My vote is for #1. The O Family!

  116. The S family #17 – beautiful!!

  117. my vote is for #1 the o family :)

  118. Vote for #1, the O Family!! Precious family moment

  119. Number 1 the o family. All of the pictures are beautiful though!

  120. I’m voting for #1 the O Family. Your picture captured their love beautifully!!

  121. #1 – The O Family

  122. Guess I was supposed to say #17 S Family

  123. Vote for The O Family! :) #1

  124. My vote is for #2 the S family. All the pictures are great, but my vote is for S family.

  125. O family #1 gets my vote!!!!!

  126. Beautiful, Voting for #17

  127. Beautiful Baby Girl…..#17 the S Family

  128. #3, the V-family gets my vote! Love them!

  129. The o family wins my vote!!!! Lori and gary olivi have the cutest family and are the sweetest people i have ever met

  130. #17 The S family Lovely work! :-)

  131. #1 family has my vote. They’re the greatest.

  132. image #1 The O Family, please! =)

  133. The O family gets my vote!!

  134. The S family, #17!

  135. They all look great. I think I have to go with #3 – The “V” Family

  136. I love #3, the V family. Great pictures!!!!!

  137. I vote for #1 the O family!!

  138. I vote for #1, the O family!! :)

  139. I love for the O Family. There are times in your life when you meet special people and they forever hold a place in your heart. The O Family are amazing people and this long awaited moment was captured perfectly.

  140. I vote for the O family. Number one

  141. I vote for the o family number 1, they are the cutest ever!

  142. I vote o family number 1

  143. I vote for #1 the O family!!

  144. My vote is for #17, the S. Family!

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